About Me

My paintings are a language I use to express what is in me or comes through me, with custom work for clients, it’s what is in them


I’m j marie

I am 2nd of 7 children raised by a single mother who set the bar high modeling a good work ethic, strong will and perseverance. Truth and integrity were her standard in raising us all to respect each other, placing always family first.


My spirit gravitated to different aspects of The Arts with early age ballet and tap lessons…but my flair for painting achieved great acclaim when I painted on my grandmothers refrigerator !

I often work with Architects, Interior Designers and Collectors to create custom concepts.  I enjoy the one on one collaboration.

My hope and intention is to create an on- line gallery that inspires with color and design what I create  in beauty, diversity and originality.



Janelle Marie

email: JmarieFineArts@gmail.com

phone: 530.798.8268